The main difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) is that with SEO you have to manage the content and backlinks in a way where you get organic traffic but in PPC the traffic comes because of the advertisements which cost per click and thus it is not free. SEO is a technique in which the whole format and content of a site are checked and arranged in a way so that it is shown on the top of Google search but in PPC, the advertisements are placed for the targeted audience and on every click, a certain amount is deducted. This is the reason, the traffic comes from the SEO is considered as organic.

The major differences in SEO and PPC can be classified under the following parameters:


The cost of SEO is indirect where you have to pay for the services of an SEO agency to get the site on the top of search results. Whereas in PPC you pay for any incoming traffic, there are advertisements on the search results and with every click, some amount is charged. This amount is determined through a thorough study of the keywords with tools like Google AdWords.


In SEO the traffic is totally dependent on the management of the data and the traffic which comes is totally organic and continuous because of the ranking of the site. Whereas in PPC the advertisement is on the top till the time the payment is done. One thing to consider is that it is very difficult to get the top position in search engine.


On the basis of conversion, PPC is more successful if the targeting is accurate. In SEO the chances of conversion are less likely because the targeting of the site is done in consideration of many keywords. So the targeting is normally not that accurate in comparison with the PPC.


Neither of the PPC or SEO is easy to apply. Where PPC can be done in the span of minutes, SEO takes a lot of time and more time is taken for the result. Both needs specialization and targeted approach. It can be said that PPC is easier than the SEO which is lengthier and more complicated.

Both PPC and SEO are important elements in internet marketing. PPC brings faster results in limited time but SEO brings results a bit later but the results are consistent. For faster results first PPC can be applied and in the background, SEO can take its time to work. In the end, it can be said that both play a very huge part in the internet marketing campaign. For creating a lasting impression on the user these two are perfect elements.


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