5 Ways You Can Promote Your Hotel Thanks to Social Media


Over the years, the hospitality industry has become quite competitive, as more and more individuals continue to tap into an industry that promises an island of gold while putting smiles on the faces of customers.

With every competitive market, however, one must ensure to efficiently cover their tracks in a bid to keep their business abreast and thriving in an ever-dynamic industry.

What are some of these efficient mechanisms used to keep hotels relevant regardless of time and age you ask?

From Scheduled renovations to nudging customers for TripAdvisor reviews, hoteliers the world over continue without ceasing to ensure that their hotels remain relevant, no matter the level of saturation within the industry nor the ever-present threat of new technologically backed hospitality solutions.

Here, we have managed to put together five (5) of some of the best ways to promote your hotel on social media.

1. SEO! SEO! SEO!!

The first remains one of the most important tools which you can utilize to remain ahead of your competition. SEO simply refers to Search Engine Optimisation, and what this means in the simplest of terms is that, if you optimize your website or web presence well enough, you’ll get seen by a lot of potential customers looking for services like yours.

With almost a third of the world’s population online, socializing, buying and selling, or even working, the potential of the internet has become truly endless, hence the need for you to quickly tap into this potential in a bid to get ahead of your competition.

By making your website and web posts SEO complaint, it dramatically increases your exposure to your target demographic.

2. Blog Posts

Blog posts are more or less a method of improving your SEO on social media and the Internet at large, however, it is an incredibly efficient method of promoting your hotel online. Think about it this way. You write daily or weekly blogs on various issues affecting the Hospitality industry, the availability of exceptional cuisine thanks to a new world-renowned chef you just hired, or tips and tricks on how to get the best rooms and perhaps the best rates on your hotel’s website.

These queries all fall into some of the most searched queries on the internet with regards to hospitality as virtually everyone inputs the word “cheap” before the word “Hotels” (well except Bezos, Mark and Maybe Gates ) whenever searching for a hotel they intend to stay in. While other hotels may have an SEO optimized website, you not only have that, you also have a couple of blog posts on your site that show your prospective customers that you have some knowledge to pass unto them firstly, and then endear them to your page by providing vital information related to their search queries.

Take a minute to think about it.

3. Pictures, Pictures, More Pictures!

Enough emphasis cannot be laid on the need for pictures online. As the world has continued to jump on the Internet bandwagon, there is a hunger and supply of more and more picturesque destinations, hotels, tourists’ sites, and even funny videos.

It is estimated that a picture or video garners more engagement than text. Also, online posts which include images boast of a whopping 650 percent higher engagement than the traditional text-only posts.

Something else which is noteworthy is the statistics that show that the average human is distracted in as little as 8 seconds, and 2.8 seconds for those at the extreme bottom of this index.

If these numbers do not speak to you, I know not what will.

4. Consistency is Key

Posting content every once in a while isn’t going to bring forth any results at all. As a matter of fact, it could be better to avoid posting at all than to have a page looking shabby with posts from last year December hanging in there as though your Hotel went on a vacation after New Year’s Eve.

Posting consistently also allures your content to the algorithms used by the social media companies, thus exposing your content furthermore to enhance engagement even more. Also, by being consistent with your posts, you will be able to actively maintain a following and keep your followers engaged.

Be consistent and feel free to engage with your followers as a single human referral is worth more than $3,000 spent on advertising. While posting, ensure to post shareable content. This is to ensure that your followers can share your content with their followers as well, think compound interest from economics class.

The caveat, however, remains: If you will not be consistent, then do not post at all.

5. Digital Advertising and Success

Most hotels and hospitality businesses have failed to adapt to the changing times, paying big bucks for tv commercials and radio adverts. While these may have worked effectively in the past couple of decades, it is safe to say that Tv advertising is on the decline and rightly so.

These days, very few people actually sit to watch their television sets and even when they do, they are most likely streaming the latest episode of “Orange is the New Black” from Netflix servers thanks to their smart TVs and 5G internet access.

By digitally advertising your content, you not only break the geographical barriers of television adverts, but you also save quite a large chunk of your budget and get a more efficient result.

But how does digital advertising work?

Here’s how digital advertising works. Say you have a page on Facebook and maybe Instagram seeing that images are an amazing marketing tool. All you have to do is fund your Facebook Ad account, create a campaign (usually a well thought out post) which could be a picture or text depending on your preferences (Pictures are obviously preferable if you don’t know why kindly take a look at tip 3 above).

Next, you select a budget, which is directly proportional to the number of people you intend to reach. So, for example, you set a budget of $10 dollars a day to reach 110 people. Then you set this ad to run for 2 weeks at a stretch, after you must have set your target demographic (your potential customers) based on their behavioral patterns, shopping patterns, interests, etc.

Finally, add a call to action button. It could be “Call Now” or “Send a message” and watch the calls/messages flow in.

There you have it, five (5) sure-fire ways to promote your Hotel on social media. Follow these steps judiciously and watch your competitors break the bank while eating your dust. Namaste to you too (ขอบคุณ)


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